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Falcon Tandem Carriage

The Falcon Tandem Carriage enables contractors to extract wood from gullies, valleys and environmentally sensitive areas without raising and lowering the skyline.

Access the Inaccessible.

Not one logging setting is the same, but many steep-slope operations have similar challenges of accessing gullies, valleys and sensitive areas without negatively impacting productivity, safety or the environment.
The Falcon Tandem Carriage helps logging contractors achieve this – with excellence. The Falcon Tandem Carriage gives contractors the key to keep their operation 100% mechanised without putting crew at risk.
Combined with cost-savings on rope wear, no additional fuel costs and an intuitive operator interface, your crew can start logging safer, faster and more efficient from day one.

Never worry about raising and lowering your tower’s skyline during cycles again.

Operator Ease: "It's an awesome set-up"

Quentin Grigg of C&W Logging explains the differences that the Falcon Tandem Carriage has made in his role as the Hauler Operator. 

Falcon Tandem Carriage: Benefits Overview 

Watch how the Falcon Tandem Carriage is giving crews and contractors more control in logging challenging settings. 

Product Overview

See why Loggers across the world are choosing to use the Falcon Tandem Carriage.

Durable Strong Body

Repeater and Camera

Roll-Over Shackle Compatible

Wireless Integrated Communications

Smart Operator Control System

Regenerative Pressure System

Falcon Claw carriage ready 

During the design and development of Tandem Carriage, the Falcon Claw was incorporated from the start which means that the two Falcon products work intuitively and seamlessly, eliminating incompatibility issues.


Tandem Carriage with bridge

Less rope wear and tear

Removing the need to lower and raise your tower yarders skyline on every cycle gives you confidence you’re making the most of your ropes and not wearing them unnecessarily.


Rope configuration agility 

Can be used for both shot gunning or slack line pulling. The ability to switch methods provides you with options for rope configuration during harvest planning without being restricted.


Durable Strong Body

Utilising a strong steel body while being weight conscious ensuring large payloads are still a priority.

Strong Steel
Uncompromised payloads

Roll-Over Shackle Compatible

The sheaves designed with long-ropes in mind, providing compatibility with rope shackles.

Suitable for long settings
Unrestricted by shackles
Engineered to fit into your current operation.
Accurate Longitude/Latitude Readings

Regenerative Pressure System

Utilises regeneration to power brakes and clamping system eliminating fuel costs completely.

Electric driven
No additional fuel usage costs
Safe in forests

Repeater and Camera

Control what you see in a low-latency high quality feed. In addition to this, extend your video communication using the TC as a repeater for deep gully extraction.

Increasing communication signal strength
Mitigates drop-outs
higher quality screen visuals

Smart Operator Control

The smart PLC gives the operator complete control via a simple user interface which is also accompanied by a feedback system.

Simple to use
Includes feedback system
Full operator control box

Wireless Integrated

A wireless set-up and installation ensures integration, reliability and ease of use for your operation

Designed with reliability in mind
No broken cable cut-outs


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What rope configurations will the Falcon Tandem Carriage work with?

The Falcon Tandem Carriage works well with a Block-in-a-bight and/or shotgun setup.

What towers/yarders are Falcon Tandem carriage be compatible with?

The Falcon Tandem Carriage is compatible with tower yarders which are over 60ft in height.

How much time does it take to set-up?

After being commissioned with a contractor, the set-up takes less than 1 hour including rope setup.

How long should I expect for the operator to learn the system?

A competent operator will be confident with this new system within a few days of operating which is backed up with operator training, technical support and Falcon Forestry Equipment resources.

What carriages is the Tandem Carriage compatible with?

The Falcon Tandem Carriage was designed and manufactured to work with Falcon Claw Grapple Carriage.

What maintenance or servicing is required for the Tandem carriage?

The Falcon Tandem Carriage should be included as part of your routine checks including visual daily inspections, greasing and oil checks when required. An annual service is recommended.

Can I leave it on in areas which it may not be needed?

Yes, if you have sufficient lift then it is able to be left on as method for extraction.

What’s the best way to determine whether a Tandem carriage is right for my business?

If you have challenges around steeper gullies, buffer zones or corridors around waterways or need to reduce the need for lowering and raising the skyline then the Tandem Carriage may be a good fit for your business. The best way to determine this to contact your local Falcon Forestry Equipment sales support representative for more information.

What product support is available for the Falcon Tandem Carriage?

All Falcon Forestry Equipment is backed up by a DC Equipment service team, technical support and resources which enable you to get the most out for your Falcon product. To get access to the resources specific to your Falcon Product, reach out to use today.

How can I learn more about the Falcon Tandem Carriage?

If you want to learn more about Falcon Tandem Carriage, ask to speak to one of our customer support representatives today.

Will the Falcon Tandem Carriage be compliant with my local regulations or logging contract?

Yes, in fact it may provide additional business opportunities where not raising lowering your skyline is non-negotiable.

How much fuel does the Falcon Tandem Carriage use in a typical day?

None. The Falcon Tandem Carriage uses a regenerative braking system and does not require fuel to operate.

How does the Falcon Tandem Carriage differ from other carriages on the market?

The Falcon Tandem Carriage is a complementary product to the Falcon Claw, rather than a replacement. It provides contractors with more versatility while utilising their current equipment.

What is the maximum payload for the Falcon Claw and Tandem Carriage combination?

The maximum payload for the Falcon Claw and Tandem Carriage combination is 3 ton.

Do you offer finance options for the Falcon Tandem Carriage

Yes, please contact us to discuss more information on our range of finance solutions.

Does the Falcon Tandem Carriage include a warranty?

Yes, the Falcon Tandem Carriage comes with a 6 month/500hr warranty whichever comes first.

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Hauler and Rope Configuration Compatibility

Find out how the Falcon Tandem Carriage is compatible with a range of rigging configurations and tower set-ups.


Operator Friendly: Quentin Grigg of C & W Logging

Learn more about what makes the Falcon Tandem Carriage intuitive and operator friendly.


Access Environmentally Friendly Sensitive Areas

Watch how C&W Logging have found ways to mitigate tree damage and access environmentally sensitive challenging areas.

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The Falcon Tandem Carriage has been designed to increase the capability of your Falcon Claw Grapple Carriage.


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