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Tandem Carriage

The logging industry’s most widely used motorised grapple carriage that significantly reduces Health & Safety risks, gives full control to crew members and maximises payloads in the log extraction process.

Quicker turn-around times without risking lives

The Falcon Claw is afully remote controlled, grapple carriage. This hydraulically operated grapple significantly reduces Health & Safety risks to crew members whilst increasing the efficiency of the log extraction process. With the 1750 model, which comes standard with the heavy-duty grapple, at an opening of 2000 mm and has a payload of up to 8 tonnes, which vastly improves productivity.

Giving you the power of full control while carrying a larger payload

By taking people off the hill into more skilled and in-machine roles, you not only attract better talent, you’re saving on employment costs also. Your workers will thank you for removing the unreliable communication, poor weather conditions and safety risks of their breaking out role.

"I don’t know how we used to log"

Jason Moir of Moir Logging explains the differences that the Falcon Claw has made in his operation. Jason, now, fully mechanised takes us through his story of transitioning to mechanisation.

Product overview

See why Loggers across the world are choosing the Falcon Claw as their choice of grapple carriage.

High Strength Bisalloy Frame

Infrared Camera

Purpose-built Bunching Grapple

Easy Access Maintenance Panels

LED Flood Lights

Anti-Swing brakes

Considerably Reducing The Danger To Crews

Over tens of thousands of operational hours, the Falcon Claw has dramatically reduced the accident and serious harm rates in the crews where the equipment has been operating.

  • Removes the need to have crew down the hill.
  • A Poleman is no longer required at the top of the skid.
  • The Yarder operator has complete visibility and control of the extraction process.

Significant Cost Savings

By removing Breaker Outs and Poleman from the log extraction process, the Falcon Claw not only reduces the potential Health & Safety risks, it also makes the entire process fully mechanised and more cost effective whilst maintaining productivity

  • The Falcon Claw operates at a fraction of the cost of three crew members.
  • Faster cycle times means the Falcon Claw is as productive as Breaking Out and on steeper slopes it can be more productive.
  • By mechanising extraction, it allows crew members to be allocated to other tasks or crews where required.

Large Payloads

Depending on the grapple size, the Falcon Claw 1750 has a maximum payload of up to 8 tonnes. The design of the grapple allows operators to easily extract multiple stems at the same time.

  • Large Grapple: Nominal Payload 4-5 tonnes, maximum payload 8 tonnes.

Full Operator Control Increasing Productivity

The remotely operated hydraulic grapple and rotator unit allows the operator to have full control over the grapple functions. This allows the operator to efficiently grapple the stems, shortening the cycle time and increasing the amount of stems that can be pulled per hour.

Joystick functions

Engine start-stop
Grapple - open, close, rotate clockwise and anticlockwise.

Real Time Operation

The 19-inch LCD display gives the operator clear visibility and real time information from the video feed.

The display provides

GPS Information
Distance from Grapple to Yarder
Battery Voltage
Accurate Longitude/Latitude Readings

All Weather Operation

The Falcon Claw is designed to be operated in a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures.

The high-quality waterproof camera has built in technology for low light and poor visibility operation
An inbuilt light enables the operator to work at any time day or night
The easy to use joystick control allows the Yarder operator to control the carriage at the push of a button

Multiple Position

The Falcon Claw enables logging crews to log from a variety of different positions on the face as well as requiring less landing room on the skid site. This allows the Yarder to be closer to the edge, providing more deflection for greater payloads.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will A Falcon Claw work on my swing yarder?

Yes, the Falcon Claw is compatible with any swing yarder which uses a 7/8” rope size or bigger.

Will A Falcon Claw work on my hydraulic yarder?

Yes, the Falcon Claw is compatible with hydraulic yarder which uses a 7/8” rope size or bigger.

Will a Falcon Claw work on my tower yarder?

Yes, the Falcon Claw is compatible with any tower yarder which uses a 7/8” rope size or bigger.

I’m not sure if a Falcon Claw will suit my logging operation, where can I find out more information around using a Falcon Claw in different settings?

Please contact DC Equipment so see if the Falcon Claw is suitable to your setting. Almost all steep-slope logging operations are suitable for using a motorised grapple carriage. We can organise a field trip in your area that best suits your operation.

Does the Falcon Claw come with any fire suppressant safety?

Yes, a STAT-X fire suppression unit mounted inside all Falcon Claw Grapple Carriages.

How much fuel does the Falcon Claw Grapple Carriage use on a typical day?

Less than one fuel tank per full working day.

What specifications does my tower yarder or swing yarder need to have to be compatible with the Falcon Claw?

Almost all tower yarders and swing yarders are suitable for the Falcon Claw although for older models, a brake upgrade may be required.

What is the payload of the Falcon Claw grapple carriage?

The Falcon Claw has an 8-ton payload.

Will the Falcon be compliant with my local regulations?

We work with our distributors to ensure the Falcon Claw meets your local regulations.

What type of grapple does the Falcon Claw come with?

The Falcon Claw comes with a bunching grapple.

Does the Falcon Claw include lighting?

Yes, it is equipped with 2 LED lights that shine through holes in the floor of the chassis.

Can I customise my Falcon Claw i.e. use my own monitor?

Yes, you can provided it is 12v or 24v and has an AV input

Is the Falcon Claw water resistant?

The Falcon Claw is designed to work in all weather conditions.

Do you carry spare parts for the Falcon Claw?

Yes, spare parts are held in stock at both distributor and manufacturing hubs.

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Case study

Down'N'Out Logging

Watch as the Falcon Grapple Claw works with a feller-buncher to haul logs with a fast cycle time.

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The Falcon Claw has been designed and tested through hundreds of thousands of operational hours in a wide range of slope and soil conditions. As a result we’ve developed a number of safety features to eliminate operator risk.


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