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Falcon Skylight

The Falcon HD Grapple Camera System has been developed to provide your Swing Yarder operator with the full visibility and grappling accuracy they need to improve cycle times and increase overall productivity.

Giving yarder operators the ability to log in the dark

If poor visibility is hindering your logging operation, then the Falcon Skylight will ensure your logging operation is more productive and safe during early starts and late finishes in the forest.

Powerful. Durable. Pays for Itself

Engineered to take the punishment of grapple yarding operations, the Falcon SKYLIGHT provides Swing Yarder crews the versatility to log in dark and extreme low light conditions. Designed to complement the Falcon Grapple Camera System, the Skylight uses the same FFE rechargeable battery.

Falcon Skylight - The Specialised Swing Yarder Forestry Light

See the Falcon Skylight in action. Combined with our Falcon Grapple Camera System, the pitch black darkness is replaced with pitch-perfect definition on large monitor screen.

Product overview

The Falcon Skylight has been tested across many logging operations and the feedback is – it’s powerful, durable and pays for itself. Pulling wood is demanding on gear, so we built the Skylight specifically with the application in mind. With high-quality components you can turn dark hours into productive hours all year round. Here’s what makes the Falcon Skylight the Loggers lighting choice

High Tensile Steel Construction

Shockproof Housing

Hella 1300 lumen 6 LED Light

Up To 10 Hours Battery Life

Waterproof Components

Supplied With FFE 10.8v Battery

Supplied With Mounting Plate & Wall Charger

The Falcon Skylight has been tested and designed with many crews to ensure we have the right features so you can get the job done.


Light  Hella 6 High-Power LED’s
Maximum Light Output  1300 Lumen
Voltage  10.8V (NZ FFE Batteries only)
Battery  FFE Battery 10.8V 13AH
Light Protection  6mm Marguard
Plate  6mm to 12mm High Tensile Bis 80
Battery Charge Life  Up to 10 Hours Continuous Running


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How long does a Falcon Skylight battery last?

The Falcon Skylight has up to 18 hours of consistent running time.

How are the Falcon Skylight batteries replaced and charged – How long does this take?

The Falcon Skylight includes a wall charger for charging the batteries. The charging time is approx. 8 hours from empty to full. I.e. overnight charge.

Is there a warranty period with the Falcon Skylight?

The Falcon Skylight comes with a 6 month warranty.

How will I gain value out of the Falcon Skylight?

You will be able to operate longer hours during shorter days which will increase productivity of your operation in a safe manner.

How many Falcon Skylights do I need?

Only one is required per yarder.

What applications are the Falcon Skylight suitable for?

The Falcon Skylight is suitable for all application where lighting may be hindering your operation.

How do I purchase a Falcon Skylight?

Please contact our Sales team to discuss your Falcon Skylight.

What are the maintenance requirements for a Falcon Skylight?

Once mounted, the only maintenance that is required is visual inspections.

How many lumens is the Falcon Skylight?

The Falcon Skylight has 1300 lumens.

Do you carry spare parts for the Falcon Skylight?

Yes, spare parts are held in stock.

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The Falcon Winch Assist has been designed and tested through thousands of operational hours in a wide range of slope and soil conditions. As a result we’ve developed a number of safety features to eliminate operator risk.