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We catch up with everyone in the industry to tell their story. From the workshop, the cab and from the air we celebrate all things logging right here. If you have an interesting crew, operation or setting and want to tell your story then let us know today.

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Falcon Winch Assist in the USA

Down'N'Out Logging - Gisborne | Overview of the Falcon Claw

Remote Winch Assist Dozer - John Deere Felling Machine

Falcon Claw: In-Cab Display - Mechanised Forestry Harvesting

Falcon Winch Assist: Iron Test with NZ Logger Magazine

Falcon Claw - Grapple Carriage Pre delivery Testing

Falcon Winch Assist 2019

Falcon Forestry Equipment - Mechanised Forestry Solution Overview

Dilley & Soloman Logging Co: Falcon Winch Assist - 1 Minute Overview

Falcon Skylight: The Specialised Swing Yarder Forestry Light

JBD Harvesting: Madill 071 Operating A Falcon Claw Grapple Carriage

Dean Blacklaws Logging: Deans Reasons to Fully Mechanize - Falcon Winch Assist

DC Equipment at Expocorma 2017

Moutere Logging with the Falcon Claw Grapple Carriage - Nelson, NZ

Episode 7: HighTrack Harvesting - Andy | Falcon Grapple Claw & Thunderbird 355 Swing Yarder Combo

Episode 6: HighTrack Harvesting - Overview | Hauling logs with a Falcon Claw Grapple Carriage

Oregon Logging Show: Falcon Claw by DC Equipment - Dale Ewers Interview

Falcon Grapple Claw 2019

Episode 1: HighTrack Harvesting - Mike Friend | Benefits Of The Falcon Claw

Episode 2: HighTrack Harvesting - Mike Friend | Waking Up The Falcon Claw

Episode 3: HighTrack Harvesting - Mike Friend | Mastering The Falcon Grapple Claw

Episode 4: HighTrack Harvesting - Mike Friend | The Falcon Claw Efficiency

Episode 1: Jason Moir - Moir Logging | How We Used To Log

Episode 2: Jason Moir - Moir Logging | Safer Logging With The Falcon Claw

Episode 3: Jason Moir - Moir Logging | Falcon Claw Maintenance

Episode 4: Jason Moir - Moir Logging | Falcon Claw & Thunderbird 255 Combination

Falcon's Flying - Worldwide Winch Assists

Falcon Winch Assist: The System You Can Trust

Falcon Claw: Take Your Worries Off the Hill

CREW'S VIEW: Ted Pelletier Logging - Falcon Winch Assist

CREW'S VIEW: Shawn Hadaller Logging - Washington USA

CREW'S VIEW: Dustin Deatley - Mineral Creek Logging & Hauling - Falcon Winch Assist

FROM THE CAB: Dustin Deatley - Mineral Creek Logging & Hauling

FROM THE CAB: Steep-Slope Logging with Winch Assist Tether | Shawn Hadaller Logging - Washington USA

Inside DC Equipment: Workshop - How the Winch Assist Tethering Machine is Built - Episode 1

Inside DC Equipment: Workshop - How the Winch Assist Tethering Machine is Built - Episode 2

Falcon Claw | Logging in Paradise with Moir Logging

Episode 2: Diack Contracting - Bing | In-Cab Interview With Bing

Episode 3: Diack Contracting - Bing | Falcon Winch Assisted Felling in Gisborne

Episode 4: Diack Contracting - Bing | Interview with Bing

Interview: Nippy from Mechanized Cable Harvesting | Falcon HD Grapple Camera System

BlackStump Logging - Wayne McEwan | Falcon HD Grapple Camera System In Wayne's Words

Episode 6: Blair Cunningham - Moir Logging | The Falcon Claw in Blairs Words

Episode 1: Barry from DC Equipment | Safety Benefits of the Falcon Claw

Episode 2: Barry from DC Equipment | How Easy is the Falcon Claw?

Falcon Winch Assisted Skidder with Speirs Logging

C&W Logging: Falcon Winch Assist - Steep Slope Felling & Harvesting

Flying Falcons: Mechanised Steep-slope Forestry Harvesting with FFE

Falcon Claw Grapple Carriage

Down'N'Out Logging - Gisborne New Zealand | Falcon Claw Grapple Carriage

Living for Logging - The Dale Ewers Story

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